Velocity Signs

Premium Model 2.0 with Solar + LED Lights

Save energy and receive a 30% tax credit with Velocity Signs Premium Model 2.0 with Solar + LED Lights.  (Example:  $2,999 x .30 = $899.70 Tax Credit)


  • Velocity Signs Machine (Signs Move in a Figure 8 Motion)
  • Weatherproof
  • NEW-Solar Panel (Water Proof)
  • NEW-Solar Controller (Protected)
  • NEW-4x LED Lights (Water Proof)
  • NEW-4x LED Light Brackets
  • NEW-Sign Support Arms with Zero Weight Balance (Supports 2 Signs-Front and Back-360 Degree Exposure)
  • NEW-Custom Built Motor
  • NEW-Stronger Diamond Plate
  • Rechargeable Battery-12 Volt Deep Cycle AGM Battery-105 Amp Hours-45+ Hour Run Time (1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty)
  • NEW-Low Voltage Disconnect-Battery Saver
  • NEW-High Performance Charger-7 Amp-12 Hours Charge Time at Full Discharge (5 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty)
  • NEW-Direct AC Power/Plug-In Option
  • Direct (AC) Plug In Option
  • 2x Vertical Frame Support Brackets
  • 15' x 3/8" Weather Resistant Steel Cable
  • Pad Lock with Keys
  • Industrial Strength Velcro Strips
  • NEW-2x 10" Worry Free (Flat Free) Wheels
  • Extension Cord
  • Hardware
  • NEW-1 Year Limited Warranty

    * Signs not included.

    You can hang two signs (front and back) on our Premium Model with Solar + LED Lights for sign visibility from 360 degrees.  Our Premium Model with Solar + LED Lights comes designed to add our Mannequin Package or convert back to our Standard Model at any time.  We recommend no more than 2x 12 square foot signs on 6mm coroplast or smaller.

    All Velocity Signs come with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials or workmanship of all parts (motor, arms/bearings, battery, switches, fuse, wheels, and boxing units) under normal wear and tear. Our chargers come with a 5 year limited manufacturers warranty.



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