Velocity Signs

Premium Model 2.0


  • Velocity Signs Machine (Signs Move in a Figure 8 Motion)
  • Weatherpoof
  • NEW-Sign Support Arms with Zero Weight Balance (Supports 2 Signs-Front and Back-360 Degree Exposure)
  • NEW-Custom Built Motor
  • NEW-Stronger Diamond Plate
  • Rechargeable Battery-12 Volt Deep Cycle AGM Battery-105 Amp Hours-45+ Hour Run Time (1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty)
  • NEW-Low Voltage Disconnect-Battery Saver
  • NEW-High Performance Charger-7 Amp-12 Hours Charge Time at Full Discharge (5 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty)
  • NEW-Direct AC Power/Plug-In Option
  • Direct (AC) Plug In Option
  • 2x Vertical Frame Support Brackets
  • 15' x 3/8" Weather Resistant Steel Cable
  • Pad Lock with Keys
  • Industrial Strength Velcro Strips
  • NEW-2x 10" Worry Free (Flat Free) Wheels
  • Extension Cord
  • Hardware
  • NEW-1 Year Limited Warranty

* Signs not included.

You can hang two signs (front and back) on our Premium Model for sign visibility from 360 degrees.  Our Premium Model comes designed and pre-wired to add our LED Lights and/or Mannequin Package at any time.  We recommend no more than 2x 12 square foot signs on 6mm coroplast or smaller.

All Velocity Signs come with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials or workmanship of all parts (motor, arms/bearings, battery, switches, fuse, wheels, and boxing units) under normal wear and tear. Our chargers come with a 5 year limited manufacturers warranty.




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